New traditional courtyard - Dorset


Design and consultation
Ground work
Raised beds in brick/timber
Living willow Arbour


This is a small, new town garden, walled on all but one side. The main feature of the design is a large pergola which creates an outdoor room leading off the ground floor kitchen. To enhance the feeling of enclosure the planting is raised around the seating area with other raised surfaces for pots and ornaments. The pergola is open at one end leading you into a small gravel planting area with a living willow arbour at its focus.

 There is another strip of ground that runs along side the house in which we created three stepped vegetable plots separated from a parking space by a trellis screen.



Existing paving

Raised beds and posts going in

Vegetable area


Fully furnished, with table, pots and ornaments

The willow arbour

Parking area and raised beds


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