Queen Anne Manor House - Dorset.


Design and consultation
Ground work and Drainage
York stone paving
New  Eco-soil


Construction of this patio took place in the autumn/winter of 2005. The planting was completed in spring  2006. We used nearly 200m2 of reclaimed York stone delivered from a supplier near Leeds. The slabs are laid in a random pattern, broken only by a three course path, which runs from the front door to the top of the main steps. Each slab had to be cut and bedded individually and then the whole area pointed by hand. Planting beds were created and small pockets left out to accommodate succulents and Thymes. The main planting scheme is a considered mix of evergreen shrubs and perennials that provide colour and form throughout the year.



Removal of old gravel

The first slabs being laid

Construction complete - ready for planting


Later that year

Low level planting

Birds eye view of York stone paving